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3-Pac is a quintet of singers and rappers that rivalled The Rapsters. They were known to have a bully personality, but that was their outside; their inside shows they are friendly and had sportsmanship when they lost in a rap battle against the Rapsters. Their members are Francis, Alice, Brendan, Stella and Becky.


3-Pac was founded at an unknown time.

Battle with The Rapsters[]

They were first introduced at The Helen Show. They are shown to be bullies who are confident that they will win. But after they lost the rap battle, 3-Pac accepts defeat and are more friendly to them.

Songs they composed/rapped[]

3-Pac Rap Battle

Cruisin’ Remake



• Before Brendan’s death there were only 2 members left

Stella joined to revive Brendan

Brendan joined after being revived.

When Francis rapped with Stella, you could hear Alice singing, Becky singing and Brendan twerking. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆