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"Hey, I'm Barbara Millicent Roberts, and this is my story." - Barbie in "Barbie and her Sisters", the introduction to the series.

Barbara "Barbie" Millicent "Millie" Carson
(née Roberts) is one of the main characters of Grace's World and was the first page on the wiki and the first character ever seen in Grace's World.

History (Needs Revamp)[]

Birth and Early Life[]

Barbie was born to Margaret and George Roberts on August 15th 1990 and had a grandma called Allie.Barbie told her parents she had always wanted a sister, to which they responded how much responsibility it would be. Barbie then really wanted to go to school.

Childhood / Kindergarten Years[]

Flashback Episode - Barbie's First Day of School![]

Barbie went to Riverside Kindergarten in 1995 and met her friends Ken, Stella and Jenny there. The school bully, Joseph, tripped Jenny on the stairs to the second story lockers after class, and caused Jenny to fall down two flights and break her nose, arm, and both legs. Barbie told Joseph off but got slapped, however Ken fought with Joseph and broke his nose and leg. They got sent to Principal Burlock's office but Barbie decided to fill in Ken's detention spot and wrote down her mum's number on his arm. At some point during Kindergarten, Barbie also met Anneliese and became her friend.

Flashback Scene - (Forgot the Episode and not gonna rewatch the show)[]

At some point December 1995, Barbie took a photo with Santa Claus which was discovered decades later by her daughters Annabelle and Isabelle.

Childhood / Elementary Years[]

Flashback Scene - The Christmas List[]

In January 1996, Barbie's house was surrounded by snow, so Stella and Jenny had to climb the chimney to enter for a playdate. Further into 1996, Barbie was starting First Grade. There, she met Anneliese Robinson.

Flashback Episode - Barbie and Anneliese[]

Continuing into September of 1996, Stella moved away to Los Angeles, California. This made Barbie sad, and she started listening to The Hatnote Band. Ken later came to her house.

Later, while out for a walk in the woods with Ken, Jenny and Anneliese, Joseph arrived and captured Barbie with a knife. Ken and Joseph fought as the girls ran and eventually ended up on the cliff. Joseph attempted to throw Ken off the cliff, but Barbie kicked Joseph in the balls and then off the cliff. Joseph was sent to care in hospital for about 20 years.

Ken then kissed Barbie for the first time. Later, Anneliese, Jenny, and Ken played Truth or Dare and Barbie dared Anneliese to lick the insoles of Joseph's sneakers. In return, Anneliese dared Barbie to kiss Ken with tongue, which she did.





Barbie eventually got a younger sister, who was named Skipper Madison. Despite already being ten years older than Skipper, Barbie turns out to have alot of fun playing with her.



Teen Years[]


Barbie, while taking Skipper to preschool, met Sandra Jefferson and became friends with her. Also there, Skipper met Andrea Jefferson. Barbie also fell slightly apart from Anneliese, Jenny and Stella now as Stella's walkie talkie broke and Anneliese and Jenny were growing up too fast. Barbie also had her first period in November.


At 15 years old, Barbie went to SeaWorld with Ken, and they got together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Sometime around the same year her second sister was conceived.






The Barbie Series[]


In 2013, Barbie went on a cruise ship adventure with her cousin's 3 year old kids. In 2014, she went to visit Skipper and her horse ranch where Ken suprised her with a horse called Majesty. In June that year, Barbie went on a camping trip with her sisters. A madman named Olaf stole her camper van and drove it into a lake, while barbie had to beat up the first grade class bully Joe, and steal his pick-up truck to get home.

He was later killed in 2018 by [Redacted]. Later that year, Barbie tried to be a news reader, but it didn't work out so well. Immidiatley after, Ken engaged to barbie where Jenny attended her wedding as a Bridesmaid. But it didn't work out so well because of that Olaf Madman from before. Several months later, their honeymoon was ruined AGAIN by Olaf, but they put him out of commission forever. Nothing interesting happened until Barbie had two little girls: Annabelle and Isabelle. But at their first and third birthdays, Chelsea made it difficult by inviting ALL her friends over. Then more things happen. Getting lost, Christmas in the snow, annabelle getting glasses, and Chelsea's sleepover. Barbie then moved to a new house in 2016. In late 2017, she had a young boy Tommy.

In halloween of 2018, Barbie sadly learns that her friend Jenny was found dead in her house and in the same neighborhood, Joe the bully was dead too. Skipper goes to college, Chelsea's Youtube Channel hits 15k subscribers, and Chelsea's best friend tamika starts turning into a girl friend...



















Jenny Wilson[]


Joseph Scott[]


Barbie is usually a strict mother who tells off her children frequently. She dislikes it when Chelsea, Annabelle, Isabelle, and Tommy are being mischievous. She also hates it when nobody is doing the things she asked. When the twins want something, Barbie is likely to say no, but they will keep asking her until she says yes. In episode 297, when Grandma came to stay, she wanted pumpkin soup for dinner. The kids did not like it, but Barbie fed it to them anyway. When it was five thirty, Grandma wanted to go to bed. Barbie told them after they finished their soup they had to go to bed. Grandma kind of took control over her while she was visiting. Barbie dislikes it when Chelsea and the twins are playing video games while they should be doing chores, school work, or taking a shower. She changed from someone who hates smelly feet, and refuses to do anything Chelsea, Annabelle, Isabelle, Stacie and Skipper want her to do to her feet (as seen mostly in Ep. 53) to someone who will do it quickly and affectionately, and even wants her feet licked and massaged etc. herself!


  • Cooking
  • Calling Tommy adorable
  • Going out with her friends
  • Buying dresses
  • The color pink
  • TikTok
  • Ken


Promotional Material[]

Barbie has received (at first) two promotional material art, then four, then five.

  • Barbie standing calmly
  • Tiny Chelsea as a new insole
  • Tiny Annabelle being stomped by Barbie's foot
  • Tiny Isabelle being stomped by Barbie's foot
  • Tommy licking Barbie's socked soles


  • Barbie was first seen on the Grace's World Channel in a deleted video from 2013 when the channel was still called gjmulgrew. The video was titled "Barbie's first Day of School" and included other characters. The video was deleted for unknown reasons. In another deleted video from 2013 titled "Barbie goes to seaworld" featured Ken becoming the Boyfriend of Barbie.
  • Barbie's middle name is Millicent as confirmed by her character promos.
  • Barbie has visible wrinkles as confirmed by her daughters and sister

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