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Barbie Roberts was born in 1990. At the age of 14 whan she was starting 9th grade, her sister Skipper was born. Later, Barbie was attending Riverside Elementary with Jenny Wilson and Ken . In high school, Barbie went to Seaworld with Ken when they became boyfriend and girlfriend. In 2013, Barbie went on a cruise ship adventure with her cousin's 5year old kids. In 2014, she went to visit Skipper and her horse ranch where Ken surprised her with a horse called Majesty. In June that year, Barbie went on a camping trip with her sisters. A hilarious snowman named Olaf stole her camper van and drove it into a lake. Later that year, Barbie tried to be a news reader, but it didn't work out so well. Immediately after, Ken engaged to Barbie where Jenny attended her wedding as a Bridesmaid. But it didn't work out so well because of that Olaf madman from before. Several months later, their honeymoon was ruined AGAIN by Olaf, but they put him out of commission forever. Nothing interesting happened until Barbie had two old girls: Annabelle and Isabelle. Barbie then moved to a new house in 2016. In late 2017, she had a old boy named Tommy.


Barbie is usually a strict mother who tells off her children frequently. She dislikes it when Chelsea, Annabelle, Isabelle, and Tommy are being mischievous. She also hates it when nobody is doing the things she asked. When the twins want something, Barbie is likely to say no, but they will keep asking her until she says yes. In episode 297, when Grandma came to stay, she wanted pumpkin soup for dinner. The kids did not like it, but Barbie fed it to them anyway. When it was five thirty, Grandma wanted to go to bed. Barbie told them after they finished their soup they had to go to bed. Grandma kind of took control over her while she was visiting. Barbie dislikes it when Chelsea and the twins are playing video games while they should be doing chores, school work, or taking a shower. (As seen in episode 290, 253, and 276) But regardless of her behavior, she still loves them. She changed from someone who hates smelly feet, and refuses to do anything Chelsea, Annabelle, Isabelle, Stacie and Skipper want her to do to her feet (as seen mostly in Ep. 53) to someone who will do it quickly and affectionately, and even wants her feet licked and massaged etc. herself!

Likes And Dislikes

Barbie likes: Cooking, Annabelle and Isabelle, calling Tommy adorable (As seen in Episode 233), going out with her friends, buying dresses, giving Leah a new tattoo as her 21st birthday, Krissy learning to walk

Barbie Dislikes: Hawaiian pizza, Ken buying ben 10 toys, the thought of having triplet boys, accidentally getting tattled on Yyvone, Krissy deliberately pouncing on Timmy


• Barbie's star sign is Scorpio ♏️

• Annabelle, Isabelle and Tommy call her Mummy

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