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I can't believe you saved me after everything I did. I guess I just wasn't too far gone.

―Brendan to his sister Stella after being revived

Brendan is a member of 3-Pac. He has a twin brother, Francis, and an older sister Stella, and was a minor character of Grace's World.



Birth and Early Life

Brendan was born to unnamed parents on September 19, 2011. He had a twin brother called Francis and a sister Stella, born in 2006. He had a non-dominant, non-bully childhood.


At sometime after 2017, Brendan met Alice and later Becky. The three, with their singing skills, turned into a five-star band called 3-Pac. They even had their own tour bus, private caravan, paparazzi and bodyguards.

At some point in 2018, Brendan developed romantic feelings for Alice and Becky caught Brendan raping a cardboard cutout of Alice, but promised not to tell. She presumably kept this promise, or Alice didn't have a problem with it.

Season 7

The Rap Battle!

On The Helen Show, a rap battle between 3-Pac and The Rapsters was secretly initiated. At first it seemed like 3-Pac would win, but afterwards The Rapsters came back tougher. Brendan, Alice and Becky were impressed and shook The Rapsters hands.

As punishment, 3-Pac had to serve as The Rapsters' insoles for a week. Brendan became Chelsea's insole and had to live under her 6-year-unwashed grimy, dirty, smelly, sweaty feet pressed between her feet and the socks.

Season 9

The Accident

He was later killed when two cars collided head-on on April 10, 2021. His body was found by Chelsea after they explored the crash site and his body was pinned under his brother's "My First Foot Slut" playset and also the car. His older sister, Stella, pulled him out would later revive him with CPR.

Brendan later had to undergo two weeks in the hospital and had to use a wheelchair.


Brendan is a bully like his teammates Alice and Becky. However after his team lost, Brendan, Alice, and Becky accepted their defeat and were more friendly to the Rapsters. He didn't like his older sister Stella originally, but after she saved his life he became a good friend of hers. He also does not like the hospital or a wheelchair.


  • Alice


  • Guitar
  • 3-Pac
  • Becky
  • His Caravan
  • His brother and sister


  • Scary Movies
  • Wheelchair
  • Car Crashes
  • Serving under Chelsea's giant smelly feet


  • He likes to play the guitar, as revealed in the song, 3-Pac Rap Battle.
  • His character was also used for the character and his brother Francis but Francis only used Francis’ own clothes.
  • Brendan has PTSD from the car accident
  • It has been confirmed by Grace that Brendan has sucked Francis' dick before
  • It has also been confirmed by Grace that Brendan willing fully decided to lick his older sister's feet