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Chelsea (born May 7, 2010) is friends with Tamika, Kira, Madison, Kendall, Maree, Gracia, Jade, Darren and Cole.

She is an elementary school student. She thinks she found a new friend called Jade. A former friend of hers was Katelyn, who was first seen in Chelsea's Slumber Party and last mentioned in Bedtime Battle! She is the aunt of Annabelle, Isabelle, and Tommy . She is Barbie's little sister and the twins auntie. She has been friends with Tamika since 2014 and has been Darren's girlfriend since 2019.


Chelsea is very mischievous like her nieces and her nephew. She likes to mess with Ken Carson. One example of this was when at the beginning of episode 155, Chelsea wants to take Ken for show and tell with her to humiliate him but tries to hide her laughter though he declines. She loves chocolate ice cream and despite liking to humiliate Ken, she doesn't like to be humiliated herself. This was shown after Grandma posted her embarrassing video on Instagram and it was spread to her friends and her family and was even featured on the news. She was so embarrassed, she said, "I'll be in my room. For the next 12 months. ( As seen in Episode 259)" Chelsea has blamed Annabelle, Isabelle, and Tommy for bad things that happen when sometimes, it’s not their fault. Sometimes, it’s their fault but other times, it’s not. Chelsea can’t separate truth or lie as when the problem she’s facing makes her give the last straw, she refuses to believe anything and believes everything that has to do with the problem is a lie. This is especially shown in episode 295, where when she gets to the last straw, she refuses to believe Annabelle and Isabelle don’t have her other two uniforms when they only had one. She even refused to believe it was her fault that her other two uniforms were in the girl’s bathroom and instead, believes that somebody is framing her as she didn’t know that she had forgotten her uniform location. Sometimes Chelsea can be accuseing. But after all that Chelesa is a very sweet caring nice beautiful young girl that cares about everyone. she has a very sweet personality. Not at times.


Rapsters outfit: She wears a cap and necklace with music notes with black in the first song same as the battle with 3-Pac like all the girls and Tommy in the third song she wears a puma shirt with the same things in the first rap song but with glasses they appear in the last song they wore the same thing


  • She was the last crewmate voted off in the Among us but in real life game. She was black.
  • She goes to Riverside High School.
  • She hates her sister Barbie sometimes.
  • She wants to be an actress when she grows up, which is revealed in episode 217.
  • She was born May 7th, 2010 so she is 11 and a half years old now
  • She lives in Riverside, Virginia (formerly) but moved to Riverview near Riverside
  • She is the aunt of Annabelle and Isabelle and Tommy; she is the youngest aunt of her family
  • She is very good at spelling
  • Chelsea is said to be a high school student, although she is 12
  • Chelsea is zodiac sign is Taurus like Annabelle Carson and Isabelle Carson
  • Chelsea is honest, as revealed in episode 336.