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In other news, Janet Kavorkian called the cops after she heard the screams outside of Target of Jenny Hixon being in a car accident, Linda is at the scene now.

―News talking about Hixon's death

The death of Jenny Hixon occurred on December 20, 2018, during a car accident.

Jenny Hixon

Jenny Hixon (September 18, 1990 – December 20, 2018 [aged 28]) was the childhood friend of Barbie and a minor character in Grace's World. She is one of only a few characters who are dead.


Jenny was born to Mr. and Mrs. Pulter.

Childhood years

Jenny went to Riverside Kindergarten in 1995 and met her friends there. The school bully, Joseph, tripped Jenny on the stairs to the second story lockers after class and caused Jenny to fall down two flights and break her nose, arm, and both legs.

In January 1996, Barbie's house was surrounded by snow, so Stella and Jenny had to climb the chimney to enter for a playdate. Jenny and Stella got all sooty there, so they had to shower. Barbie showered with them, and the girls gave each other pedicures, kissing and worshipping each other's feet.

Later that year, Jenny started first grade. There, she met Anneliese Robinson.

First grade

In September 1996, Stella moved away to Los Angeles, California.

Later, while out for a walk in the woods with Ken, Barbie, and Anneliese, Ken and Joseph fought as the girls ran and eventually ended up on the cliff. Joseph attempted to throw Ken off the cliff, but Barbie kicked Joseph in the balls and then off the cliff. Joseph was sent to care in hospital for around 24 years.

Season 1

Wedding Day Disaster!

Jenny was invited to Barbie's wedding as a bridesmaid, but Olaf the Madman decided otherwise, and she was sent away.

Season 6

Halloween Night

While wearing a witch costume, and waiting for trick-or-treaters, Anneliese compliments Jenny’s costume. Later, a Serial Killer came into her house and murdered her But luckily survived.

Halloween Costume Confusion

On Halloween night, they went trick-or-treating and had a Halloween party.


See the Plot section for more info


Jenny is a pretty girl with light blond hair and blue eyes. She is very nice and has medium Caucasian-pink skin. She likes to wear purple sleeveless dresses and pink snap-on heels.


Jenny is a sweet, childish bubbly woman who loves kids.


  • Halloween
  • Trick-or-treaters
  • Kids
  • Giving out candy
  • Hanging out with her friends
  • Getting pedicures


  • Car accidents
  • Joseph
  • Stairs

Promotional art

Jenny never got any promotional art.


Two months later, on December 20, 2018, Barbie was watching the news when she saw a report that Jenny was killed during a car accident and Jenny was pinned to the wheel of the car. Jenny was confirmed dead at the scene on the same day. She was then buried on December 26, 2018.