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OH NOOO! Isabelle and Annabelle unknowingly delete Ken's presentation.


This Episode Talks About Isabelle And Annabelle Deleting Ken's Presentation, So One Of The Twins Recreate it By asking Ken About His Presentation. But When Ken Shows Everyone His Presentation, It Looked All Funny, Because Ken Accidentally shows Them The Wrong Information. In The After Credit Scene, The Girls Lay On The Floor Of Daddy's Work Place Unconscious. Annabelle's shoes fell off and Isabelle is missing a sock and a shoe.


  • Isabelle
  • anabelle
  • Jillan

Characters in the presentation:[]

    • Ronald McDonald (Ron MacDonald)
    • Theodore Roosevelt (Theodore Rosevalt)
    • Alvin Chipmunk (Albert Cimhunk)
    • Brittany Spears (Brittney Spheres)
    • Colonel Sanders (Colin Sanders)
    • Ken


  • Everything In the Presentation Has Licensed (Copyrighted) Things, Which Might Lead To A Copyright Strike Or Claim
  • The Actual Presentation The Twins Deleted Was Mentioned
  • Moral: Never whine for your own personal benefits.