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Ken is one of the main dolls in the series

Ken Carson was born in 1991. At the age 7 when he was starting 2nd grade, He met Barbie. In high school, Barbie went to SeaWorld with Ken and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. In 2013, Ken and Barbie went on a cruise ship adventure with her cousin's 3 year old kids. In 2014, she went to visit Skipper and her horse ranch where Ken surprised her with a horse called Majesty. In June that year, Barbie went on a camping trip with her sisters. Later that year, Barbie tried to be a news reader, but it didn't work out so well. Immediately after, Ken engaged to Barbie But it didn't work out so well because of Olaf . Several months later, their honeymoon was ruined AGAIN by Olaf, but they put him out of commission forever. A few years later, Barbie had two little girls: Annabelle and Isabelle. Barbie then moved to a new house in 2016. In late 2017, she had a young boy Tommy.

Likes And Dislikes[]

Ken likes: Ben 10

Ken dislikes: No more turkeys in supermarket,Work,


He was white in the Among Us game. He was the second to last crewmate out of the game. He is 30 yrs old. Isabelle, Annabelle, And Tommy call him Daddy, He Is A Fun Father Of 3 Children. He can be a crybaby about things, such as Santa not coming to visit, an earthquake, no more chocolate, and extra assignments at work.