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Kira is one of Chelsea Roberts‘ friends. She has a younger brother named Matt.


Kira is a nice friendly girl but she is also bossy at times and can be a little of a know-it-all. Her best friend is Tamika, who she fought with during an episode about her and Tamika. Eventually, they made up, making Kira forgivable after she learns the truth.


Kira has dark Caramel brown hair and tanned skin. She also has brown eyes other than her school uniform. She is usually seen wearing a pink and white dress with designs.


She is one of Chelsea's friends.

She attends Riverside Elementary.

Her younger brother Matt is best friends with Tommy Carson.

Kira Likes: Camping, being a Class Captain,

Kira Dislikes: Chelsea copying Lee Lee’s Tik Tok, The Rapsters Roasted her, Chelsea Has the most votes to Be class captain

She is 3 months older than Chelsea

February 5 2012