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Madison is one of Chelsea Roberts's best friends.


Madison was introduced on Grace's World and right away, Chelsea sees her as a bully. One of the things Madison did was boss Chelsea around and she threatened Chelsea if she said no for not following her rules. One night, Chelsea was told by Madison to do her homework and Chelsea knew how to get back at Madison with her homework. The next day, Madison read what Chelsea typed for her and her true intentions were revealed. Ms.Jenna quickly reported Madison as a bully and Madison tried to deny it. But she changed after being confronted as a bully and she became Chelsea's friend.


Madison has black hair, which she usually wears in pigtails. She has brown eyes and has pierced ears.


Madison really hates homework

She is in 3rd grade.

She has a sister named Jessica as seen in episode 307.

She was a victim of head lice in episode 332