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The Rapsters is a rap group of 4. They rapped in all of their songs, and they became famous on their song 'The Rapsters First Song'. The group consists of Chelsea, Annabelle, Isabelle, Tommy.



The Rapsters were formed originally to make the current members of the Rapsters not bored, as they got nothing to do. They then entered a singing competition, which they got first place. They then retired from singing.

Helen Show invitation[]

2 days later, Helen from The Helen Show noticed how famous the Rapsters were, so she think it might be great to put them on the show. The Rapsters then accepted.

Battle with 3-Pac[]

On the The Helen Show, The Rapsters met up with another rap group, 3-Pac. Helen then explained she brought 3-Pac to have a rap battle with The Rapsters. After the rap battle, Helen announced the Rapsters the winner.

The Rapsters' first music video[]

After watching the news that Crystal Kayla was making a music video, Chelsea, Annabelle and Isabelle want to make one but realized it was too hard. With the help of Max, Stacie's boyfriend, they were able to make the music video, and it was on Entertainment News.

The Rapsters Live![]

In Episode 346, The Rapsters was live on the Helen Show and Helen (the host of the show) and The Rapsters was seeing there songs again (if that's that right term) And The Rapsters and Helen saw The Rapsters First Song, Rapsters Rap Battle, Cruisin', Christmas Rap Song, and the Back to School Rap Song. And Tommy was not having fun because he wanted to make all of the songs they saw in The Helen Show.

Songs they Composed and Rapped[]


  • They were famous, as they were featured on The Helen Show and Entertainment News.
  • They rejected three production companies for their music video. They were Elite Productions, Music Video Productions and Better Media (Unfortunately, Those Companies Are Fictional).
  • The Rapsters excluding Chelsea, sang the song with the other girls. This meant Tommy sang with the girls too. He was also the first to sing after the chorus (This Was The First Rap Song Where No One Raps, But Sings).