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"Hey! Hey, hey! Gregory! What did I say about RUNNING IN THE HOUSE?" - Summer to Gregory who is running around, 'Fools, Foot Rules'

Summer Laurie Alejandro is a recurring character in the Australian Webseries Grace's World. She will be in Season 12 as she is hiding something and is helping with The Bandits.


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Summer has green eyes and ginger hair. She has middle-dark Caucasian skin, and large amounts of leg hair. She has an overall slim and tall figure. Her socks and shoes, if they're worn for 12+ hours, get stuck to her feet, and have to get professionals to remove due to the immense amounts of Slyherpian Slime, which accumulate on her feet.


Prequel Seasons

  • The Latest News

Season 1

  • Wedding Day Disaster
  • Birthday Party Surprise (US: Barbie's Birthday Party)

Season 2

  • The Twins' First Birthday
  • Chelsea's Selfies

Season 3

  • Time to Move House (US: Time to Move Out)
  • Halloween Mix-Up
  • The Twins Learn to Swim

Season 4

  • Barbie's Baby Scare (US: Barbie and the Baby Crisis) (Ep 135)

Season 5

  • Baby Tommy Comes Home
  • Grace's One Million Subscribers
  • DIY Dressmaking Disaster (US: Barbie vs Sewing Machines)

Season 7

  • Will You Be My Friend? (US: Tommy Needs a Friend)
  • Stacie's A Doll!
  • Wearing My Sister's Clothes For 24 Hours

Season 8

  • Who's Getting Their Ears Pierced!? (US: Will the Twins Pierce their Ears?)
  • Tommy The Tattletale (US: Tattletaling Tommy)

Season 9

  • Flooding Commenses
  • The Flash Flood!

Season 10

  • Who Forgot Barbie's Birthday?

Season 11

  • 7.1 (US: Help Isn't Coming)
  • The Recovery
  • The Search for the Bandits Treasure Part Four
  • Fools, Foot Rules
  • The Search for the Bandits Treasure Part Five
  • The Search for the Bandits Treasure Part Six
  • Ryan's Penny



"Summer Alejandro is a mother of 12 kids, and this makes her busy, busy busy. She keeps switching jobs, and now, she's starting to help the Carsons with a huge dilemma. She's also a kid, which she hides from everyone. When her kids aren't rubbing or licking her feet, they're usually running the errands while Summer rushes to make food for all of them. This all totals down to making her crazy..." - Summer's Season 12 description and Everything and Anything about Grace's World book description.

Summer is very busy, and has to switch jobs. Helping the Carsons defeat the Bandits, she is under immense amounts of stress. She also is hiding something deep down, and it causes so much stress that she is hiding and is about to boil over.


Foot Rating

Sweat Dirt Grime Slime Smell Taste Feel Average
45/10 4/10 10/10 100/10 inf/10 inf/10 3/10 inf

Promotional Art

  • Mirabel and Camillo rubbing her grimy sweaty feet (formerly)
  • Alice and Antonio rubbing her grimy sweaty feet (currently)
  • Standing in her kitchen
  • Swimming in a pool
  • Kissing Felix
  • Rubbing her grimy, dirty feet/socks on Dolores'/Isabella's (swatchable) face (formerly)
  • Rubbing her grimy, dirty feet/socks on Camillo/Mirabel's face (and penis/swatchable, formerly)
  • Rubbing her grimy, dirty feet/socks on Alice/Antonio's face (and penis/swatchable, currently)
  • Kicking off her shoes and sitting on the sofa, slipping her socks out of her shoes