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(Tommy) yoyoyo

(Chelsea) Hey Everyone

It's me, Chelsea

I love playing soccer

And I am in grade three

I've got a lot of friends

At school with me

Tamika, Kendall,

Kira and Maree

I've got long hair

And pretty smelly feet

I hope y'all enjoy

My really sick beat

(Tommy) Word!

(Isabelle) My name is Isabelle

Can't you see


I got a twin sister

She kind of annoying

But she nothing like Tommy

He always destroying

I really love dolls

Like American Girl

I don't usually rap

But I'll give it a whirl

(Tommy) Check it out!

(Annabelle) It Annabelle here

And I'm in preschool

I love chocolate ice cream

And Minecraft pretty cool

I got nice parents

Their name Barbie and Ken

Mummy very pretty

And Daddy like Ben 10

I hope you like this song

It really fun to make

But we getting kind of tired

So we're going to take a break

(Tommy) Peace out!


This song won the Singing Competition.

It marks the debut of The Rapsters.

It is The Rapsters first song.