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Tommy is one of the main characters of Grace's World. Tommy is the little brother of Annabelle and Isabelle. He was born on Christmas Day 2017 and has the same name as the person editing all the pages because (opinion) Grace's World deserves 100 Million subscribers.


Tommy is mischievous and is usually the first to find something. This is shown when in the episode, "No More Chocolate!," Tommy is the first to find the chocolate. He also feels left alone like when he couldn't join the girls' club and when most of his relatives have a friend but he doesn't. Eventually, Matt became his friend which made him happy because he now has a friend that has a lot in common with him. He holds a bit of a scheming personality. He might be a bit smart too as in Among Us In Real Life (the episode), we see he tricks everyone and he wins the game. He also loves solving mysteries.


Not much info is on this page but learn about his relationships with his sisters on this page: Annabelle, Isabelle, And Tommy.

Likes And Dislikes[]

Tommy likes: chocolate, chocolate ice cream, Taffy (dog),telling on people (As Seen In Episode 259) His family, trying things that people did

Annabelle and Isabelle (sisters), Barbie (mother), Ken (father), Skipper and Stacie and Chelsea (aunties)

scary movies (Episode 262),swimming, mysteries

Tommy dislikes: getting in trouble,

Annabelle and Isabelle (being mean),being called a chicken, people calling him little. Tattled on himself by an accident (As seen in Episode 259 When he said ‘I did it!)

Tommy is just like his sisters.

Birth: Dec 25 2017

Age: 3

first word: belle!


  • Despite liking to join Annabelle and Isabelle with their friends, he doesn’t like to help them. This is shown when he was told to ask Barbie for a new pet by Annabelle and Isabelle. It didn’t work just as he suspected.
  • Since Annabelle and Isabelle were born on May 13, 2015, and Tommy was born on December 24, 2016, he is younger than his sisters by one year so he is 4 and a half years old at the moment.
  • He was the imposter in the Among Us but in real life game. He tricked everyone so no one would know it was him. He was blue.
  • He wants to be a detective when he grows up which was revealed in Detective Tommy Episode 304
  • He likes to say " You are a chicken!" And "Now who's the baby?"

Gallery And Videos[]

Tommy and the Rapsters


Tommy with the Rapsters


Barbie - The Christmas List Ep.284


Barbie - Tommy Learns to Swim Ep.274

Tommy Learn to Swim


Barbie - We Need a Nanny Ep.282

Tommy in We need a Nanny

Tommy wanted a giraffe for Christmas but Isabelle said to Santa that Tommy can have a toy giraffe

ep 193

tommy kept going missing so Barbie and Ken were freaking out loads of time but a year later it happened again but Tommy was not a baby looking anymore

ep 231

tommy saw a singing competition on the internet but Chelsea,Isabelle and Annabelle wanted to do it by their selfs but they failed but Barbie said they can work together so they did want to make a song but any song a rap song


Barbie - The Boy Who Cried Wolf Ep.285

Tommy in The Boy Who Cried Wolf